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7-Year-Old Kash Mania Spreads Positivity and Kindness Across the Nation

by Ivy June

Free hugs to make you famous? That’s what happened to Kash Mania. The 7-year-old entertainer, philanthropist, and influencer has been growing his platform by performing random acts of kindness to people in different communities across the nation. People love it because not only is he young with a big heart, but he’s doing something most kids aren’t.

It began with Kash’s parents who had the idea of expressing his great qualities and formulated real-life situations that they could put him in to teach him. Any time Kash goes out, there’s something he is doing for others, whether it’s opening doors, speaking, giving out free hugs, and showing people love throughout everything he does. They have a family YouTube channel where they showcase this: https://www.youtube.com/@KashMania It’s become a way of life as the family travels across the nation giving out free shoes, money, hugs, and doing any random act of kindness that will benefit others in the communities they visit. Some of the places they mentioned are California, New Orleans, Atlanta, Oklahoma, Florida, Texas, and Illinois. Their mission is to bless the world with Kash’s energy and change kids’ mindsets. 

Kash and his family have an entrepreneurial spirit. They recently started a clothing line called You A Blessing. The message they’re sending with this new business is “taking back the minds of the kids from what they’re seeing online,” as the parents said. Kash is the new leader kids can look up to and receive positivity and enlightenment, hopefully taking kids away from the negativity online. Through all the positivity, Kash has his own personal battles. Kash was recently diagnosed with vitiligo so they are also spreading awareness about this illness and using a new logo to represent “people loving the skin that they’re in.”

Kash is multi-talented and has started making a career in the music business as well. He released a song called “Snack Out” featuring Boosie Baddazz and is working on a collaboration with Young Dylan, Nickelodeon, and Tyler Perry. Kash’s Dad has a musical background and writes Kash’s music. What their goal is with music is to build a catalog of songs that will teach children through song. You might wonder how someone so young is already in the music scene. One day, Kash was with his dad in the studio who was recording a song. Kash wanted to get in the booth and hear himself on the song. Things moved forward from there. “Snack Out” is the first song they came up with and Boosie Baddazz wanted to jump on it, and the song blew up and so did they. Kash’s music career grew from there. 

At 7 years old, it is now time for Kash to go back to school so their usual ways of life will be slowing down starting this Fall. However, the mission will continue. Kash has always been homeschooled and this will be his first time in public school, but this is another great way he can touch the lives of other children right in his own community. Meanwhile, he’s working on growing his brand and platform, and aiming to be on TV. They’ll be building leading up to the new year.


Follow Kash Mania:

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@KashMania

IG: https://www.instagram.com/_kashmania/ 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100069410393345 

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Tonya Robinson September 12, 2023 - 10:34 pm

I’ve been watching this child since the beginning. He’s very intelligent for his age and his parents are amazing people. I wish this family nothing but the best. Positivity is what these children need as well as proper guidance. Congratulations


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