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Power LA Radio Presents the Inaugural Indie Artist Music (IAM) Awards

IAM Awards on June 29th in Los Angeles

by Black Vine
Mark the date, music connoisseurs! The vibrant city of Los Angeles, celebrated globally for its effervescent music scene, is all set to host the inaugural Indie Artist Music Awards (IAM Awards) on June 29th, 2024. Power “LA” Radio, synonymously referred to as “The Heart of Music”, stands at the helm of this prestigious celebration of independent musical prowess. The grand awards show is an innovative endeavor by Producer Michael and DJ Ponyboy and will be held at the Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City, offering panoramic views of the iconic Hollywood.

The IAM Awards positioned as a pinnacle platform emphasizes the resplendent talent, relentless innovation, and artistic excellence that independent music creators collectively demonstrate. This esteemed event sets to honor the immense contributions of artists, composers, songwriters, and audio engineers from diverse musical genres including country, pop, and R&B.

Growing in an industry dominated by big-budget record labels is a challenging task for artists. It demands unshakeable commitment and an essence of creativity to carve a niche in today’s diverse musical landscape. The IAM Awards aspire to shine a well-deserved spotlight on these wizards of melody who, with incredible resilience, warble their way into the heartbeats of music lovers worldwide.

A congregation of such an outstanding talent pool simultaneously serves to inspire and uplift the global artistic community, lending the IAM Awards a unique aura. Celebrities like Korrupt and many more are expected to mark their esteemed presence at this red-carpet affair, making it a not-to-miss event of the year.

The glamorous soiree will be hosted by Hollywood favorite Chris “Cali Boi” Reese and BmikeRob from Universal Music Group. The audience can expect scintillating, live performances by the music legend Jon B and Las Vegas’s pride, “LITREEEZY.” Not just this, additional independent artists from across the world will also grace the stage with powerhouse performances.

Artists who wish to get appreciated for their exceptional talent at this prestigious inaugural event can now send their submissions. This one-of-a-kind awards show promises to recognize and uplift the vibrant, independent spirits of the music industry, symbolizing the boundless potential that tunes the future of the global music fraternity.

Apart from the magnetic performances, the stars who will be presenting the awards have been revealed as:

Rama Montakhabi, Billy Moss, Septimius The Great, Amber Washington, Tina Weisinger, Qimmah Russo, Lance McCarthy “DR SILVER FOXX”, Mike Hill, Herb Bohanon, and Cece Hendriks.

Independent artists bring an unmatched dynamic spirit to the world of music. The inaugural IAM Awards heads for an uncharted territory where the spotlight is gleaming on independent musicians. Every artist, producer, engineer, or talent associated with the music industry, forms the lifeblood that keeps the heart of music beating incessantly. The IAM Awards are all about acknowledging the relentless efforts that shape this vibrant industry.

Power LA Radio has always been reflective of such alliances, maintaining an unwavering dedication to laud the stalwarts of the music industry. As a part of the renowned iHeart Radio network, it offers an all-embracing platform for independent artists to bring forth their unique musical perspectives. The main intent behind the IAM Awards is to applaud and inspire these innovative minds who form the crux of our modern music culture.

Get ready to witness a night of glamour, sparkle, and musical magic on June 29th, 2024! For more details, visit 2024iamawards.com/. Let the symphony of independent rhythms resonate globally, encouraging hard work, creativity, and talent that often goes unnoticed.

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