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Marvo the Martian: The Next Big Name in Music?

by Ivy June

Marvo the Martian grew up on the east coast in the Washington D.C. area. He was surrounded by music, with a strong desire to become an entertainer. He knew at a young age that he wanted to be a recording artist and actor. As a result, his mother enrolled him in multiple musical theater programs, talent shows, and acting classes. He joined both the church and school choirs, and in most productions, Marvo always landed the coveted lead roles.

A young visionary, Marvo was 10 years-old when he asked his mother if they could move to Los Angeles so that he could pursue his career. His mom believed in his talent and had entertainment ambitions of her own, so she agreed and they relocated to Los Angeles in 2014, with $500 in cash and some gift cards from friends and family. Each summer he still returned to D.C. to continue learning from his grandfather and get male guidance, which led to getting signed at 12 years old to his grandfather’s record label under the stage name “Lil Marvin”. 

His early singles were met with success and thousands of views and because of the attention he gained, he began to get bullied at school. With dreams much bigger than the average child, he struggled to fit in, “People don’t understand the realness and talent. That’s why I call myself “Marvo the Martian”. The rejection from his peers affected his confidence, but he never wavered from his true calling.

While he is on a mission to achieve the number one spot in R&B, Marvo is talented in multiple genres of music like gospel, country, rap, etc. He’s currently a Freshman in college majoring in music, while collaborating with different producers. His goal is to finish his degree at UCLA and continue pursuing his acting career in addition to music.

His brand new single, “Show You” is his first song released as an adult. The single has an Afrobeats infused with a rhythm and blues style and will be dropping September 22, on all major streaming platforms along with a visual. Marvo’s music is inspired by Chris Brown, Usher and the late Michael Jackson. “Their music videos are like movies and I love that. That’s exactly how my music videos are going to be and will showcase my acting,” he said as he explained his vision. “I’m coming into the game so strong and I’m so excited.” He truly is ready for it all.

He left us with this, “I wanna be known as the voice of the next generation. So my best advice to those pursuing their dreams is to live in your own body, because only you know your limits.” He continues to say, “I know my purpose is to be a lesson and I’m already proving so many people wrong every day. It’s just beginning. I hope they’re ready.”


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View his acting reel and more:

Acting Reel on Vimeo

Website: www.marvothemartian.com 

Marvo on IMDb

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