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Golden Flower: Isadora Ortega’s Cinematic Tribute to History

by Ivy June

Isadora Ortega is a multi-talented woman, engrained in the arts with theatre and film. She grew up in the heart of it all in New York. From a young age, she would watch soap operas with he mother growing up and was always amazed by the worlds they created. She fell in love with it.

This led her to begin acting classes, start commercial acting, and even did an off-broadway play at one point. At The New York Conservatory – Dramatic Arts College, she learned all she could and began to show her range of talents including writing. Being able to do more than one thing is important to her. This is how she began creating her own projects. 

One day she began writing and collaborating with Brandon Morrison, and she started producing from there. Then 12 years ago she began to pursue her dreams more deeply and made the move to Los Angeles. The thing about Isadora is she has many passions and pursues them all with purpose. Every project she creates she loves and has different reasons for loving each project. Just like any artist, she puts her heart and soul into her projects. One film is a love story based on a friend who passed away and suffered in an abusive relationship. “Domestic abuse has affected my family, my friends, so when the movie came out so many people said they were affected too. Being able to use stories surrounding people affected builds a foundation.” Another film is a Christmas film led by Afro-Latinas except for the lead actress, called Hope Street Holiday.

The film Golden Flower is based on a graphic novel and the first project she started when she first moved to Los Angeles directed by Academy-Nominated filmmaker David Massey, and produced by Isadora. It’s inspired by the true events of Anacaona and features for the first time ever the language called Taino. They had a special team lead since Taino had never before been spoken on film. This movie is based on our history and foundations, and it showcases this. “Every culture has the aunties we want to showcase,” she says.

Being a filmmaker has brought Isadora to different parts of the world. She recently returned from Puerto Rico for the Puerto Rico Film Festival. She also attended BronzeLens Film Festival in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Isadora says, “Being around like-minded people who have the same hunger as you and want to create” is key. “When you want to do something in entertainment, there are ways of showcasing your skills and getting your projects out there.” She also explained, “I still go to acting classes when I’m not working production,” and says it’s like working muscles and keeping those muscles working. She also encourages people to learn a bit of everything for the longevity of their careers. 

The next screenings for Golden Flower will be in Los Angeles for the 25th Annual Reel Black Men Short Film Showcase. Get your tickets:


Stay tuned and follow Isadora Ortega on Instagram @lablacklatina

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