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Tyler James Williams Earned $250K Per Episode of ‘Everybody Hates Chris’ While Setting The Record Straight About Who He Is

by Anthoni Duncan

Tyler James Williams is an American actor, singer, and rapper. He was born on October 9, 1992, in Westchester County, New York. Williams gained widespread recognition for his role as Chris Rock in the television series “Everybody Hates Chris,” which aired from 2005 to 2009. His portrayal of the young Chris Rock earned him critical acclaim and several award nominations.

Aside from “Everybody Hates Chris,” Williams has appeared in various other TV shows and films. He starred in the Disney Channel series “Let It Shine” and had recurring roles in shows like “The Walking Dead” and “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders.” Williams has also ventured into the music industry and released his music.

Williams earned an impressive $250,000 per episode, according to Ms. Mojo, making him one of the highest-paid child actors of all time. “15 years ago, this little show premiered on a network that no longer exists. It kick-started me and several other careers of very talented people. I’m forever grateful for that,” Williams said in a celebratory post on Instagram. After the show ended in 2009, Williams and the show became pop culture fixtures. In fact, the show gained even more popularity after it became syndicated.

While Williams was successful in the comedy genre, he decided to “veer” away to pursue serious roles. So, he took on gigs on “The Walking Dead” and “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders.” It only took the right show for him to return to his roots.

People looked for more to discuss…

Next, Williams candidly revealed that his sexual orientation has long been a subject of inquiry, and had been reluctant to discuss the matter in the past. He believes that such speculation can be detrimental to the queer community. Williams chose to address questions about his sexuality. This was through a statement posted on his Instagram story. 

In the post, he declared that he was not gay. He cautioned against making assumptions about someone’s sexual orientation. “The culture of trying to find some hidden trait or behavior that a closeted person ‘let slip’ is very dangerous,” Williams remarked.

He then explained that this is a world where many LGBTQ+ individuals constantly face discrimination. They fear having their sexuality exposed or guessed without their consent only adds to the burdens they already bear.

Tyler James Williams shuts down the speculations…

Williams further expressed that speculating about someone’s sexuality can exacerbate the existing anxiety experienced by queer individuals. This is due to the pervasive social stigma and misconceptions that persist surrounding non-heteronormative relationships. “Over analyzing someone’s behavior in an attempt to ‘catch’ them directly contributes to the anxiety a lot of queer and queer questioning people feel when they fear living in their truth,” Williams stated.

 In addition, Williams shed light on the harmful effects of the notion that one’s sexual orientation can be determined by a specific set of traits. “Being straight doesn’t look one way. Being gay doesn’t look one way,” Williams clarified.

In short, as a straight man himself, Tyler James Williams frequently faces criticism for his stylistic choices and behaviors. This perpetuates the idea that straight men must conform to a particular standard to validate their heterosexuality. “It also reinforces an archetype many straight men have to live under that is oftentimes unrealistic, less free, and limits individual expression,” Williams expressed.

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