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Trey Songz sued $25 Million over reopened rape claim – Truth or Mass Hysteria?

by Ivy June
A woman, who was referred to as Jane Doe in the court documents, is taking legal action and is suing Trey Songz for a total of $25 million. This case is a revival of her original lawsuit, which was dismissed last November due to the expiration of the statute of limitations.
According to Doe, she was raped by the singer after refusing his advances, then called for a Lyft to a hospital for medical attention and counselling, where the nurses reported her allegation to the Burbank Police Department.
In a statement from her lawyer, George Vrabeck, it is argued that Atlantic Records should be held responsible for Songz’s actions. Vrabeck expressed that the case is about much more than just the alleged perpetrator and the victim, saying that it is about the “systematic sexual abuse in the music industry” and “the music industry’s complicity in silencing sexual abuse survivors.”
The list of violent and sexual assault allegations against Songz unfortunately does not end with Jane Doe; other women, such as Jahaura Jeffries, have also come forward with their own accusations. Jeffries detailed that at a New Year’s Eve party held at Diddy’s Miami mansion, while she was dancing on a couch wearing a dress with a high slit, she felt fingers being inserted into her vagina, which turned out to be the intoxicated singer’s. Furthermore, Keke Palmer has accused him of sexually intimidating her in the past.
Where this case goes is yet to be seen, but with multiple allegations surfacing against Trey Songz, the trial is likely to be full of more controversy.

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