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The Facade of Glamour: How Kisha Nicole of The Movement LA Exploits Designers

by Black Vine

Fashion presents the world with a beautiful tapestry of creativity and style, a universe where trust and reputation are woven together as the essence of the industry. Designers commit countless hours to their art, transforming their ideas into wearable expressions of beauty and fashion. However, behind the glitz and glamour, there are grim tales adulterated with deceit and a backstabbing reality. Permeating this murky underbelly of the industry is a sad tale involving Sherita Moss, the designer from Moss Kouture, and Kisha Nicole Waters, owner of The Movement LA, a well-known Los Angeles based events company.

The design world revered Kisha Nicole Waters as a vibrant entity, the helmswoman of The Movement LA. Sherita Moss, like many other emerging designers, found both a friend and mentor in Kisha. She saw in Kisha a nurturing companion amidst the struggle that came with establishing a name in the industry.

But as the maxim goes, not all that glitters is gold. Sherita discovered the dark reality behind the dog-eat-dog world of fashion when her relationship with Kisha took a business turn. Sherita expressed her growing frustration with the subpar quality of fashion shows that compromised her brand’s identity. Despite past disappointments, Kisha continued to insist on payment for her shows, seemingly oblivious to Sherita’s well-founded concerns.

Kisha’s unfulfilled promise of a high-profile fashion show, purportedly to be aired on a major streaming platform, was nothing more than an illusion designed to unlock Sherita’s purse strings. Kisha’s breach of trust left Sherita feeling deceived, the extent of her exploitation only truly coming to light when she discovered that the interview was tactically scheduled for when she’d be away for Fashion Week in New York. “She knew I wasn’t going to be available. And I told her assistant, “I told you guys and Keisha all the things that I had coming up, and needed to know when the platform interview would be,” lamented Sherita.

This unfortunate experience not only shattered Sherita’s faith in Kisha but had a considerable impact on her brand, serving a severe blow to its growing reputation. Amidst feeling robbed and exploited, Sherita made a tough decision to withdraw from Kisha’s show prematurely. “I dropped out of the show early. All the stuff that she promised to those other designers, and that she promised me never happened,” shared Sherita.

Kisha Nicole’s treatment of Sherita exposes a grim facet of the fashion industry, one where trust is manipulated, and hopeful designers fall prey to exploitation. While this sordid tale emphasizes deceit, it also magnifies the resilience and tenacity of designers like Sherita in their unwavering pursuit of artistic expression. Sherita is not the only designer personally victimized by Kisha’s actions. Mike Malone and Luis Aviles Mx have also been open about going through a similar situation, losing money and designs.

In acknowledging these harsh realities, it becomes crucial for those involved in the industry to promote a culture of respect, mutual benefit, and transparent business practices. Perhaps then, we can prevent a repeat of this unfortunate saga and maintain the sanctity of fashion as a form of art, not a medium of exploitation.

The story of The Movement LA and Kisha Nicole underlines the desperate need for change within the fashion industry. A better future awaits the industry if those in power positions do not exploit vulnerable newcomers, treading lightly on their dreams, and respecting the trust placed in them. Through transparent practices and an unyielding commitment to integrity, the industry can create a beneficial cycle that fosters creativity and pushes fashion into a promising tomorrow.



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