Home Celebrity Exclusive story with Tonita Bybee-Jackson after Lamar Odom slanders her name and sues her.: Talent Manager Tonita Bybee-Jackson Sues Former Client Lamar Odom $10 Million for Defamation

Exclusive story with Tonita Bybee-Jackson after Lamar Odom slanders her name and sues her.: Talent Manager Tonita Bybee-Jackson Sues Former Client Lamar Odom $10 Million for Defamation

by Black Vine

Hollywood Unlocked has reported that Lamar Odom’s manager Tonita Bybee-Jackson allegedly embezzled money from him, and illegally notarized and forged documents in an attempt to take ownership of his Brooklyn home that has been in his family for almost three decades. 

Tonita is setting the record straight exclusively with Black Vine News over the mess made with former client Lamar Odom. The talent manager and business owner of Savvy Girl Consulting holds herself to high standards and with the utmost respect when it comes to taking care of her clients. Furthermore, Odom particularly was close with Tonita’s family. Her son was his handler while Odom stayed at her home during the time he was losing his estate.

“Lamar asked me to help save the house. He even stayed at my house while he got through it,” she told BVN.


The former basketball star gave Tonita Power of Attorney over his Brooklyn estate October of 2021 in the case anything ever happened to him. While she did not have POA when he was trying to save the home, she emphasized how much she was there for client and friend, Lamar, then explained the situation in detail: 

“Lamar was about to lose his house because he owed a hard money lender, Mason Karnes, $321,000 and I stepped in to help him out because he couldn’t pay a penny. His Aunt Cheryl Rich facilitated the deal. He was  simply living in my home while he sold his house to Easy Knock/ Spruce so they could save the home from the hard money lender. Lamar signed all of the documents HIMSELF and they were notarized by a notary sent from the LENDER not anyone. I knew as he alleged to Hollywood Unlocked. The house was sold in February of 2021 to Easy Knock / Spruce and Lamar was able to make monthly payments to buy it back which he never did. His aunt Carol Mercer and Uncle Mike Mercer live in the home.” 

Tonita emphasized how much she was there for her client and friend, Lamar. Tonita shared proof that his Wells Fargo account was negative for so long that they closed his bank account. Not having POA at the time of losing the home gave her no reason to use his likeness of any kind.

“Under the POA I did not use Lamar’s identifiers, name, image or likeness to falsely take anything from him. He lived in a home in Douglasville GA with his friend Tavoris Bell, and handlers Corey Benson and Tyler Bybee who became his little brothers and frequent travel companions. Lamar left the home in GA on July 18th while I was hospitalized with a fatal disorder. He expressed to my partner at the time “if she dies the show must go on”. 

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The Hollywood Unlocked article states that ‘Odom terminated Bybee as his manager in May of 2022, but she continued to book him for work and accept payment even after being fired, per the legal docs. Not only that, but she also allegedly used Odom’s name, signature, email addresses, social media accounts, and social security number without his permission.’

Here’s where things get tricky. Tonita provided plenty of evidence to show she was still working for Lamar and he was part of her family’s life. Tonita put on a successful basketball camp for kids called “Pull Up and Play” on June 12, 2022, where Lamar came to help out.

“Lamar has never legally terminated my management agreement with him” Tonita tells BVN. When he left his new team made false accusations against me to several companies she works with. They halted those immediately upon being served by the Savvy Girl Consulting owner’s  Attorney in July of 2022.

On July 3, 2022 Lamar was best man at her wedding and even gave a touching speech.  Lamar’s arm was hugging closely around his alleged “former” manager as he gives the toast.

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There is no evidence that as a manager, she was ever terminated. Tonita is currently seeking legal action for defamation, filing a counter lawsuit for $10 Million.

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