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RoccStar of “Love & Hip-Hop” Held Burglar at Gunpoint at Home

by Ivy June

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood cast member and Grammy winning producer RoccStar was awakened a little past 5:00 AM Monday by an alarm alerting him someone was on the garage roof.

According to law enforcement, RoccStar found some guy creeping on his roof and he handled it by confronting the man at gunpoint, ordering him to get off the roof.

An altercation occurred where Roccstar overpowered him until law enforcement arrived.

Roccstar later took to his Instagram Story on Tuesday to address the incident as he showed off his swollen left hand which he presumably injured during the scuffle.

He said: ‘My knuckle look like a glove,  my n**** got follywhopped.  But yeah he better be glad he’s alive because my s*** is uh.’

He captioned the video: ‘He came to the wrong house.’

A hospital evaluated the suspect for injuries before booking him for attempted burglary, vandalism, and possession of burglary tools.

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