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Music Artist Tabiyus is the Elite Independent Artist of Our Community

by Ivy June

Meet music artist Tabiyus, a multi talented individual ready to take on the world with his artistry in multiple directions. While Tabiyus does music, he also directs and produces films. You can see his clear vision and expertise in his music video “Dance For Me” with JET.

We wanted to get to know his story more:

Think back on a defining moment in your life. How has that moment shaped you? 

During my time at NorthView High School in Johns Creek, GA, I had a defining moment that has profoundly shaped me as a young man. It took place during our International Kaleidoscope event where I had the incredible opportunity to showcase my talents. Choosing “I Believe I Can Fly” from the Space Jam soundtrack, I embarked on a journey that would forever change my perspective on my abilities and the power of representation.

On that day, we had six assemblies scheduled, with nearly 2000 people in attendance. As I stepped onto the stage, a surge of energy filled the room even before I uttered a single note. The crowd erupted with enthusiasm, fueling my confidence. However, one assembly stood out among the rest. 

A close friend of mine since middle school, Sheila Eshragi, reached out her hand during the performance, showing her support as if she were one of my biggest fans.This moment felt surreal, especially considering the tragic loss of Sheila shortly after our graduation. It seemed as if she was sending a message from above, affirming my potential and saying, “You possess the talent and determination to succeed. Believe in yourself, and you can conquer any challenge that comes your way.” Sheila’s presence in my life was transformative, and before leaving this world, she granted me a defining moment that instilled unwavering self-belief.

Since that day, I have carried Sheila’s encouragement and belief in my abilities as a driving force in my life. I have encountered unique obstacles and faced societal stereotypes, but this experience has ignited a fire within me. It propels me forward with unwavering determination to surpass expectations and break barriers. I approach every endeavor with unwavering confidence, knowing that I have the power to overcome any challenge. I strive to inspire others and leave a lasting impact, paving the way for future generations to believe in their own potential and achieve greatness.

Wow, that story about your friend Sheila really hits the core. Often things happen in our lives, certain moments on our journeys that explained or unexplained guide our futures.

Do you have any habits that you feel contribute to your effectiveness?  

During my high school years, I had a unique experience attending a school in Georgia where only 7% of the 3000 students were Black. This meant that there were approximately 210 black students, and we all knew each other. This environment instilled a particular habit in me that has contributed to my effectiveness: the aspiration for greatness.

In that school, I had the privilege of witnessing the remarkable talent and influence of two individuals who were two grades ahead of me: Alfred Richardson and Garland Hunt. They were highly respected and admired by everyone for their musical and performing arts abilities. Their achievements and the way they carried themselves left a lasting impact on me.

Growing up in an environment where people had low expectations of us, I was inspired by Alfred and Garland’s success. They became the driving force behind my desire to excel in all that I do. Their leading example and the desire to be effective like them have stayed with me throughout my entire career.

The aspiration to make a difference and to strive for greatness has become a core part of who I am. It motivates me to exceed expectations and to make a lasting impact. I carry this habit of aiming high with me to this day, drawing inspiration from those who have paved the way for others.

As I continue on my journey, I embrace the lessons learned from these trailblazers. Their influence has shaped my mindset and fueled my determination to achieve success, not only for myself but also for the black community. By continually pushing myself to be effective and to reach new heights, I hope to inspire others and contribute to the ongoing progress of our society.

What do you want people to know about you?

There is something I want people to know about me: I am driven by a deep purpose to leave a lasting legacy and positively transform lives for generations to come, not only within the realm of entertainment but in all aspects of life. We each have a specific time period in history that we are meant to be a part of, and I am committed to utilizing my talents and influence to inspire both present and future generations.

On a personal note, I have a genuine love for shows like Boondocks and the creative minds behind them, such as Aaron McGruder, Rodney Barnes, Angela Nissel, and their team. It would be an absolute honor to collaborate with them and contribute to the further development of the show’s rich history. As a devoted fan, I admire the unique blend of humor and social commentary that Boondocks offers. Those who know me on a day-to-day basis often describe me as funny, and I find great joy in bringing laughter to others. In fact, my brother, Anthony Nah, possesses a larger-than-life personality that resembles a character from Boondocks, blending elements of Riley and Uncle Ruckus. In contrast, I identify more with the dynamic of Huey and Granddad (Robert Freeman). Comedy is a realm I am passionate about, and I aspire to create more comedic content that resonates with audiences.

Ultimately, I want to be known as someone who made a significant impact in the world by using my platform to inspire and uplift others. I am driven by a desire to make a positive difference, leaving a legacy that extends beyond my own lifetime. By utilizing my talents, influencing popular culture, and bringing laughter to people’s lives, I hope to contribute to a brighter and more empowered future for generations to come.

This is what makes Tabiyus special and stand out from other artists is his drive and his specific vision for where he wants to go. He not only admires others but takes their inspiration and utilizes it in his own way.

What challenges have you had to overcome being Black in your industry ?

Being a Black individual in the entertainment industry has presented its own set of challenges that I have had to overcome. As Joe Morton’s character eloquently stated in Shonda Rhimes’ show “Scandal,” “Twice as good as them to get half what they have,” this line deeply resonates with the obstacles I have faced.

I have encountered individuals who have made it clear that if I were white, with the same talents and skills in entertainment, I would have achieved far greater success. It is disheartening to face such biases and recognize that there are certain expectations placed upon me solely based on the color of my skin. However, I refuse to be defined by these limitations.

Standing out in the industry is a battle in itself. Initially, people may underestimate me or have preconceived notions, but when they witness what I bring to the table on and off screen, their perceptions are challenged. I embrace the role of the underdog, as it fuels my determination to prove myself and surpass expectations. Growing up as a Black person with a Liberian background, in the suburbs of Georgia, I have always felt the need to prove my identity while also connecting with individuals from diverse backgrounds. It is a complex balancing act.

To overcome these challenges, I have embraced the mindset of not just being exceptional, but sensational. I believe that I must push through boundaries and excel beyond what is expected of me. I strive to be a beacon of excellence, not only as a representative of the Black community but as someone who can resonate with people from all walks of life.

Despite the obstacles I face, I am determined to break barriers, inspire others, and create a lasting impact in my industry. I am driven to not only succeed but to surpass the limitations that have been placed on me. By embracing my uniqueness and showcasing my skills, I hope to change the narrative, challenge stereotypes, and pave the way for future generations of Black individuals in the industry.

Do you have any hobbies that contribute to your lifestyle? 

Maintaining a balanced lifestyle between my family and career is of utmost importance to me. I prioritize dedicating quality time to my loved ones, cherishing those moments and creating lasting memories. When it comes to my craft, I wholeheartedly invest my passion and energy into every endeavor.

In addition to my focus on family and career, I recognize the significance of personal growth and exploration. Whenever possible, I aim to incorporate more travel into my lifestyle. Traveling not only broadens my horizons but also allows me to immerse myself in different cultures, gaining new perspectives that enrich both my personal and professional life.

At this stage of my journey, I find myself in a constant state of adaptation and self-improvement. I embrace change and continuously strive to elevate my lifestyle, reaching new heights along the way. It’s an exciting and fulfilling path, and I am committed to navigating it with strength, determination, and a sense of purpose.


Who in the Black community inspires you most and why?

When it comes to people who inspire me in the Black community, Dave Chappelle is definitely one of them. It’s funny because there was this encounter I had with him during the JLO afterparty at the AMA’s back in 2015. I was right in the middle of dancing between JLO and Diddy when I accidentally bumped into someone. Little did I know, that person was Dave Chappelle. We gave each other a friendly dap, but at the time, I didn’t realize it was him. It was only later on that I found out I had dapped up Dave Chappelle himself.

What’s even more interesting is that this encounter happened during one of Dave’s first outings after taking a break from the industry. He had been away for a while, and there I was, unknowingly dapping him up. It was a surreal moment when I discovered who he really was. 

Fast forward to 2019, I was catering an event for Liberty Ross, the wife of record executive Jimmy Iovine. And guess who showed up? Yes, you guessed it, Dave Chappelle. I couldn’t resist shouting out one of his famous skits, “Juicy Smooyay.” He laughed… It was a fun moment that showed me his down-to-earth nature.

What truly inspires me about Dave Chappelle is his unwavering commitment to staying true to himself. Despite taking a break from the industry and facing challenges along the way, he never lost sight of his own voice. He didn’t let the expectations of others dictate his path. That level of authenticity and strength of character is something I greatly admire and strive for in my own life.

Dave Chappelle’s story serves as a reminder that success doesn’t mean compromising who you are. He’s a prime example of someone who stayed genuine, even in the face of adversity. And that’s the kind of man I aspire to be—a man who remains true to himself and stays grounded in his beliefs.

Who in your industry is your biggest influence? 

When it comes to my biggest influence in the industry, I would have to say Michael Jackson. If you want to get a taste of my artistry and see why he has played such a significant role in shaping my career, I invite you to check out a certain video on YouTube. Simply search for “Tabiyus” and look for a song called “Dance for Me.” Once you press play, you’ll get a glimpse of the kind of artist I am and the inspiration I draw from.

For me, Michael has been a monumental figure in my journey. His talent, innovation, and ability to captivate audiences have left an indelible mark on the music industry. As I continue to grow as an artist, I strive to embody his dedication, creativity, and fearlessness in pushing boundaries.

That being said, I also believe that as I progress further in my career, I will become my own biggest influence. While Michael Jackson’s impact will always be profound, I aim to develop my unique style and voice that will set me apart in the industry. With each step along this path, I am determined to leave a lasting impression and ultimately become an influential figure in my own right.

So, I encourage you to take a moment to experience my artistry through that particular video. It speaks volumes about my influences, including the legendary Michael Jackson, while showcasing the beginning of my journey to becoming my own source of inspiration down the line.

To say Tabiyus is an inspiration to our community and the world of entertainment is an understatement. We wish you all the best on your future endeavors, Tabiyus.

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