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Mr. EGB Tells an Inspiring Story of Perseverance Above All

by Ivy June

Mr. EGB is a man of multiple talents including acting, and specializing in cinematic and music production. This journey of life includes a few bumps on the road but has only dedicated him more to his craft.

Think back on a defining moment in your life. How has that moment shaped you?

After being in jail for 2 weeks in 1991, unbeknownst to me, I got out of jail & called my best friend, Young Chuck Brown Jr., to let him know I just got home from jail. Come to find out he was in a fatal car accident & already buried & gone. That same day I got home from jail, I went to his gravesite & realized at that moment that I was going to have to make a movie about our lives. Grief & depression consumed me to the point that I withdrew from society in the city that I was born & raised in, in Washington DC aka the DMV. I decided to relocate to the west coast to put my past behind me, living in seclusion in the Santa Mountains in Santa Monica CA until the death of my best friend’s father Chuck Brown Sr. who died 20 years later in 2012.

Do you have any habits that you feel contribute to your effectiveness?

The will to reveal the real facts of the truth regardless of who it may offend, so that the truth can prevail.

What should our readers know about you?

That I survived a deep dark depression after losing my best friend Young Chuck Brown Jr. that led to a life of homelessness. A reclusive life that I seamlessly emerged from after the national announcement via the news of Chuck Brown’s Death in 2012, 2O years after the death of his son Young Chuck Jr. 

I regenerated, refocused, and surfaced from living in seclusion to find my best friend’s sister Gequita Gray who is Chuck Brown’s only legal daughter. I set out from California to search for her on the East Coast and found her in Maryland and on Facebook as Gray Gege. I wanted to provide for her a medium and platform for her to tell her true story about her brother Young Chuck Jr. and her father Chuck Brown. This is also featured in my upcoming historic docu-drama biopic feature film called EGB THE *REAL* GODSON OF GOGO MUSIC the MOVIE*!*


What challenges have you had to overcome being Black in your industry?

Being light skin born of ebony hue, and being challenged by the darker African Americans who feel and/or believe I am not black or brown enough for their acknowledgement, respect & acceptance has been tough to overcome.

I’ve also worked to be a cultural figure and represent the Black Community. More specifically in the DC GOGO Community in Washington DC.

Do you have any hobbies that contribute to your lifestyle?

Yes, the ability to attract and connect with the right people who have the same ideas and vision as I do. This helps me to move onward, upward, and forward in life.

Who in the Black community inspires you most and why?

John Buchanan was the horn and keyboard player for Chuck Brown & the Soul Searchers when their smash hit “BUSTIN LOOSE” went gold on the music charts. The band received a review in Billboard Magazine.

JB was married to my mother’s youngest sister, and my aunt gave birth to my cousin John Buchanan III. I used to meet JB at the gig and I would go into the Chuck Brown & the Soul Searchers GoGo show with a briefcase to take notes of their performances to polish my act and hone my craft.

Young Chuck Jr & I first met in high school and hung out with each other in high school for 6 months. Then one day Young Chuck revealed to me that his father was Chuck Brown, and I revealed to Young Chuck Jr that his father’s keyboard player JB was married to my aunt & played the keyboards for Chuck Brown & the Soul Searchers at that time. In that moment, we both realized from being IN THE KNOW that JB & Chuck Brown were best friends which compounded & solidified our relationship as a family.

Young Chuck and I became the best of friends ever since. I have been a drummer since birth by trade, but JB advised me to write my lyrics down on paper, copyright my material, and that inspired me to learn how to play the keyboard to perfect my music & my craft.

Who in your industry is your biggest influence?

Tyler Perry – Samuel Jackson – Dustin Hoffman – Woody Harrelson – Sean P. Diddy Combs

Mr. EGB is a prime example of the courage and strength it takes to get through hard times and still chase after your dreams. He wanted to leave us with one last quote:

“The will to survive depends on the intention and conviction to persevere and triumph over adversity,” Mr. EGB said.






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Veronicah Kiluu Kitonyi July 6, 2023 - 7:57 pm

Life is a journey . Every body has that dark past. Some stories are sad but so encouraging. Yes encouraging


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