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Mo’Nique Slams Oprah Winfrey for Mistreatment of ‘The Color Purple’ Cast

by Black Vine

During the promotional campaign for “The Color Purple,” Taraji P. Henson emerged as a fervent advocate for issues related to pay equity and the perceived negligence of the studio in meeting essential on-set needs. Notably, Henson raised concerns about aspects such as proper transportation and the cast not being provided separate dressing rooms. In response, Danielle Brooks, known for her role in “Orange Is The New Black,” lauded both Oprah and Henson for their vocal advocacy, recounting a specific instance during rehearsals where the cast was initially assigned shared spaces without individual dressing rooms or dedicated food services. Brooks credited Oprah with rectifying these disparities, highlighting Henson as the voice that spoke up for the cast.

Reflecting on Oprah’s role as a producer for “The Color Purple,” Henson emphasized the significance of ensuring proper care for the women involved in the film. She noted that if these women were handpicked for their roles, they should have been provided with the necessary support and amenities from the very beginning.

Henson candidly discussed various aspects of filming ‘The Color Purple’, including nearly walking away from the project and the initial provision of rental cars for the cast instead of a car service. She also expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of adequate food on set. She mostly stressed that in general she doesn’t get paid as much as she’s worth and feels she must fight to even get the same pay in one movie as the last one. It’s a constant battle. She’ discusses here:

Expanding the conversation to encompass the broader issue of the wage gap, Mo’Nique shared that she had reached out to Henson, recognizing her as a like-minded individual who had been actively discussing the matter for years. The discussion touched upon Mo’Nique and her onscreen daughter Countess Vaughan’s recent decision to break their silence on the issue of unpaid residuals from “The Parkers.” This legal battle, however, remains unresolved, adding another layer to the ongoing dialogue surrounding fair compensation in the entertainment industry.

Later she mentioned that a simple phone call to Winfrey resolved some issues, a sentiment echoed by Winfrey, who humbly denied any rift with Henson.

However, Mo’Nique offered a different perspective in an interview with The Root, critiquing Winfrey’s role in the matter without holding back.

Despite the entertainment industry’s reputation for being progressive, women still face inequality and lack of opportunity compared to men. Female entertainers often receive unequal pay, fewer leading roles, less recognition for their achievements, and overall less respect than their male counterparts. Even hugely successful women in entertainment deal with more criticism about their looks and personal lives and have their talent underestimated. The persistent sexism and double standards for women in areas like comedy, music, acting, and more show how far the entertainment business has to go to reach gender equity. Women deserve the same chances to showcase their skills and earn accolades in entertainment without unfair obstacles and judgments. The industry should reflect deeply on how to better support its female creatives and pivot to treat women as true equals.

While Mo’Nique didn’t explicitly confirm direct communication with Henson, she expressed admiration for the “Hidden Figures” star, describing her as a “beautiful soul.” Mo’Nique also conveyed a sense of empathy for the challenges Henson faced, emphasizing the emotional toll it took on her to witness a fellow actress navigating such difficulties. The intricate dynamics of advocacy, both on and off-screen, continue to be a central theme as these prominent figures navigate and challenge systemic issues within the entertainment industry.


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