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Meet Multifaceted Creative DJ Apollo with latest song “Do It Again”

by Black Vine

Nestled between the coastal gems of Myrtle Beach and Charleston, Georgetown, South Carolina, has given birth to a remarkable artist known as DJ Apollo. With a diverse skill set encompassing DJing, producing, rapping, singing, and entrepreneurship, DJ Apollo is a musical dynamo.

A Musical Odyssey: From Drummer to Producer

Apollo’s musical journey commenced in sixth grade when he first embraced the drumsticks. His passion for percussion led to proficiency, and by eleventh grade, he expanded his horizons, delving into beat making. Starting with a humble keyboard, he gradually upgraded to a computer and professional production software to refine his craft.

His journey included participation in school bands, spanning from sixth grade through college. Remarkably, his musical prowess earned him not just a drumming scholarship but also a place at South Carolina State University.

Influences and Inspirations

Although music did not run deep in Apollo’s family, an older cousin who was a DJ, DJ Double A, became his source of inspiration. This familial connection, combined with his shared interest in drumming, laid the foundation for Apollo’s musical endeavors. His musical influences drew from renowned artists and labels like Bad Boy, Cash Money, Lil Wayne, and Jay-Z.

The Genesis of Collective Success

In 2007, Apollo joined forces with college friends who shared his musical passion, forming a music collective. Together, they crafted beats that resonated with audiences and gained recognition on campus. Their collaborative efforts led to performances at various shows and the establishment of a cherished tradition—a concert organized in partnership with the music department.

The Harmonious Present

Today, DJ Apollo’s latest track, “Do It Again,” is making waves. This song encapsulates the essence of Southern R&B, providing a universally enjoyable musical experience. It’s a tune that brings families and friends together in harmonious enjoyment.

Collaboration remains a central theme in Apollo’s journey. Notably, he has closely collaborated with artist Brianna Brooks, resulting in memorable musical moments that have resonated with fans.

In 2022 and 2023, DJ Apollo expanded his horizons by serving as the official tour DJ for Marcus Allen. This experience allowed him to perform at numerous shows, connecting with fans on a larger scale and amplifying his musical influence.

Beyond music, DJ Apollo is an entrepreneur, venturing into the world of alcohol with his tequila brand, Apollo Dezol—a testament to his multifaceted approach to life and artistry.

Currently, DJ Apollo is working on a follow-up to “Do It Again” titled “Show Me,” which promises to continue his R&B journey. As he eloquently puts it, “I’m doing my R&B thing right now, I’m singing to the ladies right now.” With his unwavering dedication to music, passion for collaboration, and entrepreneurial spirit, DJ Apollo is undoubtedly a rising star in the world of music and beyond. South Carolina’s musical landscape shines brighter with his diverse talents.


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