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Kelis, 43 Year Old Singer Reportedly Dating 72 Year Old Actor Bill Murray

by Ivy June
Listen up, Kelis has spoken and whether her milkshake attracted the legendary Bill Murray to the yard remains an unresolved mystery.
Just recently, The Sun ran an article suggesting that the two of them had ‘met up in the States before’ and that ‘clearly hit it off’ during Kelis’s London performances at a music festival. But according to People magazine’s assessment of Kelis’s Instagram profile, it appears the singer may have different views on the situation.
“bill got u out here riding his wave,” another wrote, adding, “media is destroying y’all lol.”

“Lol yeah maybe for now,” Kelis responded. “everyones dumb and will believe everything but the best part is we are both blessed, rich and happy. So who’s really laughing…now that’s funny.”

Over the weekend, the forty-three-year-old musician posted a tantalizing thirst trap photo, where she can be seen submerged in crystal blue waters near a luxury yacht. To no one’s surprise, most of the comments were people wondering about the state of her love life with Murray – “please explain bill murray”, “Are you dating William Murray or not”, and “Ma’am would you care to address these Bill Murray allegations?!? Cuz damn! What he doing with all that?!?”.


In a sense, it is slightly amusing to observe the unfolding of this ‘odd’ celebrity couple. Yet, Kelis’s firm response in addressing these rumors seems to point to the contrary – how could one possibly approve of such a relationship with someone of their father’s age (who is also involved in controversial allegations)?
At the same time, the Grammy winner does have a valid point – she is “blessed, rich, and happy”, while the rest of us mere mortals spend our days lurking through her Instagram account in search of any signs of a budding relationship. Oh, what a sad yet comedic situation this is! (Even so, I still cannot comprehend why Kelis knows that Murray remains “blessed, rich, and happy”. What could have potentially initiated this apparent connection, aside from their fame?)

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