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Jonathan Majors Set to Stand Trial in August

by Ivy June
Jonathan Majors is set to stand trial in August, charged with assault and harassment following an altercation with an ex-girlfriend in March. The actor made his first in-court appearance on June 20, entering the room hand-in-hand with his rumored new partner, Meagan Good. His lawyer, Priya Chaudhry, has dismissed the case as a witch-hunt stemming from racial prejudice. However, Judge Rachel Pauley is pushing ahead with proceedings, while Chaudhry strives for a dismissal, claiming Majors was the real victim of the assault.
Following the incident, the internet was abuzz with various reactions, from disbelief to validation. Furthermore, the U.S. Army removed Majors from an advertising campaign, while his talent manager and PR firm cut ties.
According to Variety, Manhattan’s District Attorney has numerous accusers providing evidence against Majors. The domestic violence claims have had a significant impact on the actor’s projects. Here is a rundown of what is known about the actor’s arrest and its aftermath.

Jonathan Majors and Meagan Good – Picture by People

Why was Majors apprehended?
As reported by TMZ and sources in law enforcement, a disagreement regarding text messages from another woman occurred between Majors and his partner inside a taxi. Upon the officers’ arrival, the female victim expressed she had been subjected to an assault, based on the NYPD statement. According to the original criminal complaint, the actor put his hand on the woman’s neck and caused her to suffer bruising and distress, in addition to hitting her face and creating a cut behind her ear.
A revised complaint presented by the DA’s office on May 9 corroborates the story from the female victim’s perspective. The accuser claims Majors grasped her right arm, twisted her right forearm and middle finger, hit her resulting in a cut behind her right ear and also shoved her into a car.
Majors was initially arrested on charges such as strangulation and released later that day, along with an order of protection. The strangulation charge was withdrawn and the actor currently faces misdemeanor assault, aggravated harassment, attempted assault, and harassment.
Following Majors’s detainment, his lawyer spoke on his behalf and called him “wholly innocent.” In the words of Chaudhry, “The incident arose due to the woman experiencing an emotional breakdown, for which she was admitted into a hospital the day prior. NYPD, in such circumstances, is required to effect an arrest, thus explaining Majors’ apprehension.
We anticipate the charges to be dropped soon.” Chaudhry added that Majors had phoned the police out of worry for the woman. He then divulged that he was to present exonerating evidence, like video footage, witness accounts, and most notably two signed declarations from the woman recanting her accusations.

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