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Jonathan Majors Emotional in GMA Interview, Calls Meagan Good His “Angel”

by Black Vine

In his first interview after being convicted of assault, actor Jonathan Majors spoke lovingly about his girlfriend Meagan Good and her unwavering support.

Appearing on ABC’s Good Morning America, Majors told host Linsey Davis that Good has been “an angel” throughout his legal turmoil.

“She’s held me down like a Coretta [Scott King],” Majors said, referencing Martin Luther King Jr.’s steadfast wife. “I’m so blessed to have her. I think I found her.”

Good could be seen attentively watching her boyfriend from the background during the interview.

This wasn’t the first time Majors likened Good to the legendary Coretta Scott King. During his trial, prosecutors presented evidence of Majors demanding his assault victim, ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari, act more like Coretta and Michelle Obama because he viewed himself as a “great man.”

The 34-year-old Creed III star was found guilty in December 2023 on charges of misdemeanor reckless assault and harassment stemming from a violent altercation with Jabbari. He continues to deny any responsibility for the incident that left Jabbari injured.

Throughout the high-profile legal proceedings, Good has frequently accompanied Majors to court in a display of support. The couple, who began dating summer 2023 and even met each other’s families about that time, signaling an increasingly serious relationship.

While details remain unclear on how long precisely Majors and Good have been romantically involved, the actress appears committed to standing by her boyfriend as he appeals his conviction for assaulting his ex.

In his first public comments since the trial, Majors offered effusive praise for Good’s unfaltering loyalty and support amid his shocking guilty verdict. Despite his protestations of innocence, Majors remains convicted of violently abusing his former girlfriend. Yet he insists Good has been his “angel” during this tumultuous period.


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