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John Alex GATSBY’s “Therapy” Music Video OUT NOW

by Black Vine

Meet music artist John Alex Gatsby from Greensboro, North Carolina. Because of his familial background with a father who is a DJ, music has always been part of who he is. 

It was when he moved to New York City that his music career actually began. Three years ago he began his own record label called Cromer Entertainment Corp. and signed himself to it. Instead of thinking like your average artist, GATSBY thinks like an entrepreneur and this is what helps him stand out. He’s not one to leave his life into the hands of others. He takes initiative because he understands that you are in charge of your own destiny. 

Getting more into the music scene led him to Los Angeles in March of this year. He knows how to hustle and gets his motivation from within. He recently dropped a new song called ‘Therapy’. ‘Therapy’ is about a person going to therapy and the perspective of this person being forced to go to see a therapist, and although they don’t want to, they become receptive to it. There’s an internal battle people face when wanting to go to therapy and often seen as going against societal norms but overall it is a positive thing and that is what this song brings light to. 

For GATSBY, through his music he’s sharing his hopes and dreams mixed with his passion for music with his fans. Look out for the visual for ‘Therapy’ coming Friday, October 6th.


Find John Alex Gatsby on all platforms:

Instagram @johnalexgatsby

TikTok @johnalexgatsby

Facebook @johnalexgatsby

Threads @@johnalexgatsby

Spotify https://spotify.link/2QhKXFzcADb 


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