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“Hot Girl Winter” A Tubi Original

by Black Vine

Embrace the season of wonders and bask in the festive glows with a delightful twist as the Tubi Original – “Hot Girl Winter” steps into the light. This one-of-a-kind Christmas movie stars the exceptionally talented Jason Mimms and the extraordinary Golden Brooks. The film unveils a captivating tale of the North Pole couple – Mrs. Jess Claus, marvelously portrayed by Golden Brooks, and Mr. Nick Claus, brilliantly embodied by the rising star Jason Mimms.

Capturing the nuances of their break from the usual, the film revolves around Jess Claus who tirelessly waits for her husband to set aside his work obligations. Annually they celebrate their vacation with joy and laughter, but this year, with work coming to the forefront, she decides to ignite the spark in her life. Tired of the endless waiting, Mrs. Claus flies to Miami, reconnecting with her best friend from college, Tamira, superbly played by Schelle Purcell.

This unique tale of love and adventure breaks from the traditional perception of the iconic characters. Jess and Nick Claus, our beloved Santa Claus, adopt an unexpected avatar. Mrs. Claus, known for her benevolence, seeks excitement and novelty outside her mundane routine. While the audience cherishes her spirited adventure in Miami, Mr. Claus reacts differently. His disapproval of his wife’s actions fuels tension, adding an intriguing suspense that keeps viewers on the edge.

“Hot Girl Winter” is endowed with amazing surprises, such as Mrs. Claus’ magical abilities. Though primarily used to distinguish the naughty from the nice, her powers can also induce irresistible holiday beats within people. And as one might imagine, Mr. Claus can follow suit, which only magnifies the complexities of their relationship. This attribute is tested when Mrs. Claus innocently stirs a heartbreak, endangering her friend’s charity event.

As drama unfolds, Mr. Claus’ character addresses the situation with complete seriousness, indicating a shift in his customary jolly personality. Unexpectedly, he showers the audience with another surprise. Kris (De’Variyay Harris), the son of Santa and Mrs. Claus, finds himself ensnared in his parents whimsical adventure.

Jason Mimms, with the performance of a lifetime, persuades Santa to put away his iconic red coat and engage in an active and possibly transformative chase after his wife, compelling the audience to expand their perception of the customary Christmas characters. Meanwhile, Golden Brooks illuminates the screen with her dynamic portrayal of Mrs. Claus. Together, the duo ensures a Christmas movie like no other.

Patricia Cuffie-Jones, the talented director of “Hot Girl Winter,” has transcended traditional norms of holiday movies and inspired a level of wider imagination and potential in storytelling. Her previous works, the Tubi original ‘Immortal City Records’ and co-written ‘Five Star Murder’, and ‘Blood, Sweat and Cheer’, testify to her creative genius. Tying up with Barbara Zagrodnik, they’ve engendered a film that promises to secure a special place in every viewer’s heart.

‘Celebrate the big, celebrate the small, celebrate each moment one step at a time,’ resonates with the film’s message. Celebrate this Yuletide season with Tubi’s latest release – “Hot Girl Winter”. Let the heart-warming performances of Jason Mimms and Golden Brooks enthrall you as they redefine the spirit of Christmas.

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“Hot Girl Winter” is an enchanting interplay of love, adventure, and Christmas spirit ready to captivate hearts worldwide. Gather around, brace yourselves, and prepare to be swept off your feet by this charming and unique Christmas tale. After all, who said Christmas couldn’t be a bit more adventurous, spontaneous, and fun? Enjoy the surprise!

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