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From Dancing to Rapping: The Incredible Journey of King Matta

by Ivy June

King Matta has always been an entertainer. Dancing, acting, producing, you name it’s been part of who he is, but the home he found lies within music as a rapper. Music is where he could get his foot in the door of the industry. Although he made some music during college, it was sporadic, and he didn’t take it seriously until graduated. 

After college, he left Greensboro NC to Miami where he made his first hit record that eventually led him to Los Angeles. made a record in Miami, which led him to LA.

What’s been a defining moment on your journey so far?

“A defining moment for me was when the majority of people I was introducing my music to told me no. Even people I thought would like the record or at least look out for me didn’t. But rejection is a beautiful thing because it helps you to tap deeper into yourself and into what your purpose is. It’s a good thing not to get caught up in the smoke and mirror of things.”

He went on to explain that the music industry can be “wicked”. To even say that the industry is tough is an understatement and that’s what Matta was experiencing during this time. People from home aside from family, labels, everyone was rejecting him and this made him change the way he moved. It was uncomfortable, but he knew that was the only way he was going to improve.

“Comfort is the worst drug you can take, especially in this business,” he explained.

Matta reflected on another defining moment which was when his granddaddy passed away a few years ago. This tragedy pushed him to dive deeper and go harder with his music because his grandfather always told him to chase his dreams. “He’s spiritually here, helping me along my journey. My granddad was my hero. He held the family down and was a traditional man, always believed in taking care of the family. When he left, I took some of that responsibility.”

What got you through everything?

“Music helped me get rid of some of that pain,” Matta said.

Who are some of your biggest influences in the industry?

“Wayne (Lil Wayne) is the goat to me,” and went on to mention other artists like Sada Baby who doesn’t try to fit into a box and stays himself, J. Cole who filmed a music video with cheerleaders from Matta’s high school during his sophomore year, Da Baby, Ludacris, and he thinks Bia is amazing

Matta’s favorite record he’s created so far is the most recent record called “Drop Dat” which is doing well on YouTube right now with over 72,000 views. Another favorite record of his is “Make It Work” featuring Tyler Lepley which is the song that popped off his career, gaining traction in Miami before moving to LA. 

Being in LA is a different kind of hustle. He often overthinks but he’s switched up his flow over time. 

You already have your foot in the door. Is there anyone you haven’t worked with yet that you want to?

“I would love to work with Bia, Lola Brook, NLE Choppa, and Lil Baby.”

Currently King Mata does local shows, and is looking to start touring, build a core fanbase, and get signed to a record label. 

Doing local shows right now and looking to do tours, get signed to a record label, and build a core fanbase. 

Check out King Matta:


IG @mattatheking

Facebook https://facebook.com/mattatheking

Spotify https://open.spotify.com/artist/1rmtWDeLfTdfL7Ox3ZNlJY?si=npWTDyTCT42HOP0CMwoNiA

YouTube https://www.youtube.com/@KingMatta/channels

iTunes https://music.apple.com/us/artist/king-matta/1332807383 

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