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Deion Sanders Catches Heat Over His ‘Dual Parent/Single Mother’ Recruiting Strategy

by Black Vine

Many college football fans want to know what the secret is to Deion Sanders’ recruiting success. Prime Time gave an interesting answer during a recent appearance on The Rich Eisen Show that also raised some eyebrows.

“Well, we have different attributes.” smart, tough, fast, and disciplined with character. “Quarterbacks are different,” he said last week. “We want to see mother and father.” Dual parent. We want that kid to be a 3.5 [GPA] and up. because he has to be smart. Not bad decisions off the field at all. “Because he has to be a leader of men.”

“Defensive linemen are totally opposite.” “I’m a single mom trying to make ends meet; he’s on free lunch,” Sanders added. “I’m talking about just trying to make it.” He’s trying to rescue Mama. Like Mama, I barely made the flight. and I want him to just go get it.”

“It’s a whole different attribute that you look for in different positions.” And we’ve got all of that document. “We know what we want, and we go get it.”

What Sanders is saying is a bit controversial, if not offensive, to some. He is basically saying he would only go after certain players from certain types of households, and those comments will surely raise some eyebrows across the country as he tries to build his program at Colorado.

However, Sanders justifies this by saying they are looking for the best of the best.

“We’re not recruiting just any ordinary Tom, Dick, and Harry,” he said. “We recruited some guys that can light up the scoreboard and prevent touchdowns from occurring.” We’re coming. “We’re serious about that.”


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