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Corinne Foxx Sets the Recod Straight

by Ivy June

The people can’t seem to stop talking and speculating, and Jamie Foxx’s family has been tired of the rumors, so Corinne has set the record straight!

The good news is he has been out of the hospital for weeks now and has been recovering. 

Other reports share that he traveled from Atlanta to Chicago for physical therapy but still no details of his medical condition have been released to the public.

On the ‘Breakfast Club’ with Claudia Jordan, they discussed how many Black people look great on the outside even as they age but this does not mean we look good on the inside. It’s important to keep up with yearly doctor check ups and take care of our bodies. 

“Just because we look good on the outside, doesn’t mean we look good on the inside!” Claudia Jordan mentioned.

They encourage the Black community to stay on top of their health.

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