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Buchi Beverages: Black owned, Elevated, Ethically Made Elixirs

by Black Vine

The beverage industry has a problem. Some of the worst polluters in the industry make enough trash every day to cover 33 football fields, have artificial sweeteners that are addicting, and have been linked to diabetes.

Enter Buchi, a beverage brand owned by Fed Up Foods PBC, a benefit corporation that embraces sustainability and ingredient transparency to deliver exquisitely exotic and ethically made Kombucha and Kefir sodas. The brand’s elevated elixirs are not only good for your gut microbiome, but they also help create a bright and fair future by putting an emphasis on social change and green initiatives.

Co-CEO Zane Adams is very passionate about finding sustainable solutions in the food and drink industry, which is known for being wasteful. Zane says, “My greatest lessons have come from stepping into the unknown and finding opportunities with those who may not explicitly value sustainability.” mon values. “When we build profitable models together based on our collective well-being, it catalyzes a shift in humanity towards regenerative and just systems for our home, our people, and our planet.”

Buchi gives already-made drinks new, modern tastes by mixing fresh fruit with medicinal herbs. The brand’s kefir soda and kombucha drinks have natural carbonation, are low in sugar, and are full of good bacteria, digestive enzymes, and acids that help the body get rid of waste.

Community-centered and values-driven since its founding in 2009, the team at Buchi is united in purpose: to craft delicious, high-quality, nutrient-dense living drinks; to invest in the regeneration of the planet; and to use business as a conduit for positive social impact.

As a benefit corporation, the team is mindful of the ingredients they source and stringently vets and validates each supplier they work with, teaming up with independent, women-owned, and minority-owned suppliers. Additionally, Buchi donates a percentage of its profits from every order to One Tree Planted. Buchi’s line of high-end, healthy drinks shows that you don’t have to give up taste or health to live in a sustainable way.

Adams spoke on the importance of the brand. “We believe that good food is a human right for all.” Our vision is to nurture life and to do that, we must have food equity—creating access for all. Our private label business helps create access and more affordable options for high-premium, nutrient-dense, and thoughtful products.

Private label has historically made inferior products using inferior ingredients and sold them in minority communities. We deliver high-premium products and make them affordable due to scale, rather than stripping the product down. “Nutrient density is enhanced, quality is impeccable, and access is secured.”


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