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A Leap of Faith: How Josh Cummings Found Success in the World of Modeling

by Anthoni Duncan

Friends can influence many things, but he never thought the opinions of his friends would completely change his life. Josh had always heard that he had a face and stature modeling.   He didn’t really know if it was for him until he got a big push from his sister. 

After relocating to California from Detroit, Josh began to get casting info from his sister. The pressure was on as his camp cards were created and printed on the way to his first casting. And during that casting he was selected to walk for two designers in The Movement LA show in March 2023. The following day he was invited to walk in another show at the same location I’m placing the group chat for more information about upcoming casting opportunities.

From then on, his modeling career took off. He has walked in 15 fashion shows this year including the BET Fashion Week, Indie Fashion Show, the Miami and San Diego Swim Week, New York Fashion Week at Sony Hall Runway and another seven fashion shows with designer Things2dobysheryll. Josh is also featured in a music video by Coi Leray and another pop artist. He is self-taught and still learning. 

He wants to go as far as he can in the modeling world and what he first considered a hobby, has now become his life.  Josh is looking to do more print work and wants to take acting classes to make himself more versatile. He also wants to work for brands such as Louis Vuitton, Nike, and other fitness brands. Aside from modeling and fashion, Josh is also expounding on other ventures as well. Being a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Incorporated.

Currently he’s a project manager and notary of California. He started a drone pilot business in 2019 called Technobuild. This company films fitness and technology content and does real estate photography as well as other similar events. This isn’t the last of Josh as he wants to creatively merge all his works. He is getting off to a great start. 

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